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A ? for anyone who's dropped a 5.0 in their stang

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I just "obtained" a 5.0HO motor for my rebuild, it's fuel injected. I had a 302, wanted a roller cam yadda yadda, long story short this is what I'm rebuilding. Check out pics on my cardomain site by clicking the sig. But my questions are ..
1) I was told that my timing/accessory cover won't fit hence neither will my current cooling setup. The 5.0's radiator has the inlet on the other side, and I don't think my current 4 row will work. I hate to throw this 4 row away and I really doubt one of those 5.0 style radiators would fit anyways. What's the solution/conversion/theory on using an old style radiator?
and .. 1 more
2) Will ANY of my ignition stuff I have be of use? I mean I have a Flamethrower 2 coil, ignitor 2 module, etc .. and I know the coil is different, and the firing order is different. So I bet the module won't do much since it's going to be a different distributor and the wires I already know are different terminal ends. I just hate to see all this stuff not be used, maybe I'll sell it on eblah or something.
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Your timing cover will fit without any grief. Mine did. I am running the v-belts too.

You can use your existing radiator if you use your existing timing cover and water pump.

If you want to use the EFI you need to use the computer, which means you will need a distributor compatible with the computer. You can use an aftermarket coil, but not likely the one you have. Your plug wires will have to be replaced.

Your biggest issue will be getting a v-belt crank pulley that will line up with your existing stuff. I got mine from March. Call March and tell them what you are doing and they will tell you how to measure for proper fitment.
I think you will also have to deal with a balancing problem. The 5.0 is externally balanced IIRC. You might want to see if your lower radiator outlet can be moved by a reputable radiator shop. The roller cam requires a steel gear so if you use your 302 distributor you will need to change the gear. I also believe IIRC that the roller motor firing order is different than the 302. If you got the flywheel with the motor and kept the serpentine setup like I did you wont have the balance problem. If you got the fuel injection system with the motor you might want to look into using the whole thing. Check to see if you can get the computer and wiring harness...
it depends on what year for the water pump to work. 94-95 are specific years for the water pump. it does not use the same bolt pattern as all other years. so if your 5.0 is a 94 - 95 you have to get a water pump for those years which are also reverse rotation only. it use's a water pump with no back plate in between the cover and pump. only solution is to change the front cover to a non 94 -95- specific year.......Allen
Correct me if I am wrong, but if you use your original-style timing chain cover then the old-style waterpump would also work, would it not?

A nice new FRPP crate would be a '95, would it not? I am running one of these with my original timing chain cover and Edelbrock hi-flow pump for a 289/302.
You're right. Hopefully he use the older style pump on the 5.0 cover.
It's a complete engine, accessories and everything .. so yes fuel injection, computer, rails, wires, everything .. and I think kent answered my question. I'm pretty much redoing everything =P .. but it's worth it. Since I still have that 302 maybe I'll just keep this 5.0 stock as a dialy driver and get a 2nd gen stang like a mach body style and put in a killer stroked blown soild cam FBD with 4.11's, but naturally aspirated of course .. and then I wake up .. DOH!
I think they covered about most of what you need, but I am pulling the 5.0 out of my 64 1/2 conv, and am going back to the 289. If you have P/S, you'll need an adapter to go from the late model pump(metric) to the SAE hose. i made one that worked perfectly. I also went w/ a 4V and just bolted on the intake. You can use the early timing cover, but you also have to put in the early concentric if you'rs using a fuel pump. If you go EFI, plan on re-plumbing the fuel system for the return line. If you use the Crown Vic pump, it turns the right way any has the outlets the same as the 66. Motorsport makes a $225 balancer that adapts to V-belts. They also make a $225 flywheel (50 oz) if you're using an early trans (std). You'll need the adapter for the Z-bar that bolts on the bellhousing that really doesn't line up properly. The Z-bar sits at an angle and wears the plastic balls prematurely. Otherwise, paint it blue and it will look like a 289.
depending on the year of the original stlye cover, if the original style cover is from a 94-95 you have to get a water pump from a 94-95 because ford made a specific cover and pump for these years only. I can take a pic of both and post it to clear up any misconceptions. I ran into the horrible problem with my new 5.0 roller and had i known that my cover was a 94-95 specific believe me i would have never installed that cover and got another from another year.....Allen P.S how i found out was when i went shopping for a water pump gasket , kept asking for a waterpump gasket for different year 302's thinking they were all the same but none fit. I was like what the hell. I went to a local speed shop and there was this young guy all hot on SBF and he told me that i had a 94-95 specific. then i was able to get the right waterpump gasket and drive pullys...Allen
If you're staying carbed, buy the 50oz 3 bolt balancer, swap your original timing cover, oil pan, pickup & waterpump over. Add a fuel pump eccentric. You can use your original ignition setup if you change the distributor gear.

If you are going EFI, all this goes out the window, as I would try to keep the motor & accessories intact and adapt the CAR to fit.............
It sounds to me like we are in agreement. If you use the cover from an engine that did not use the 302-style radiator, which means both hoses are on the passenger side of the radiator, then you will be fine.

You will need the following items from the early-style engine:
  1. timing chain cover
  2. water pump
  3. pulleys
  4. accessories (alt, a/c, p/s, etc)
  5. radiator and hoses
  6. oil dipstick and tube(and plug hole from late-model item)
You will need to aquire an appropriate balancer and flywheel as well as a v-belt pulley to use with said balancer.

Did I miss anything?
depending on what year 5.0 cover , he can NOT use a old style water pump on a specific 94-95 cover. Any other year and he'll be fine.......Allen
SO the real question is: What year is his 5.0?
You got it, just trying to make one aware of the change in 94-95. Thankyou......Allen
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