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A free new vert top????

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I am working an a possible deal with my wifes employer.
The Manager for my SWMBOs place of employment was at the car show Saturday in Grand Rapids. He was hanging around the car. He told us he was going to do that which is ok by us and talk to people about interiors, repairs, tops and such. He gave out a lot of cards and got 2 jobs /forums/images/icons/smile.gif We have been talking for a year with the owner of SWMBO's shop about a top for FBD It is going to cost $1000 installed. Well Joe was saying Saturday that due to the success of just the one show. If we would do more show's and advertise for there buisnes we should get a top for FREE!
It is still in the work out process. i hope It goes that way. I sure could use a free top!!!!!!!
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Man you must live right, first a wife thats not only interested in your car, does those wonderful seats now her Boss going to do a top for free. All I can say is you must be a great guy to surround yourself with that type people, Good for You!!!

Thanks MArk,
But I don't have the new top yet. Still working on it.
If it happens it will be over the winter when they are slow.
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