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Hey guys whats up. Im gonna go with the 408 stroker kit but I want to know who makes a good stroker kit. I would like to go with scat rods and crank. But I dont want to look at one company like I have been I want to look around. Also its for a cleveland not a windsor.

Thanks John

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Hey John We did a 408 with a friend last year. (It was a windsor) but I think the place may have kits for 351C as well. We got the Stuff from Ford Performance Solutions (FPS) and used a 4340 scat crank and H-Beams, solid roller and 11:1, Victor Jr. etc. The whole thing went together with no drama and they balanced everything nicely. We put it in my friends 86 stang street race car, mounted a camcorder to the rollbar between the seats and went to the track. On the 2nd run he missed a shift and the camcorder showed the monster tach on the dash zing to 7700 rpm. We changed the oil (and our underpants) and found that the motor was alright. I know we got lucky as hell but the motor survived almost certain death and so I can attest to the FPS 408's. Lots of luck with yours and don't forget the rev limiter:) adios amigo
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