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A Great Day at the Salvage Yard

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I went to Memory Lane today to look for a fuseable link to replace the burnt out one in my wiring harness. Don't ask why the existing one got burnt. Lets just attribute it to not checking things twice or perhaps doofus.

Anyway as luck would have it I found the wiring I needed, but I just couldn't stop exploring. As it turns out I found an air cleaner with snorkle and heat stove that I could use for She Bear. I was about to quit, but I saw a '69 that they said was just brought in a day or two ago.

My son's '66 seat support snapped a few weeks ago, and he has been looking too closely at my '70 high back buckets. The seats in the '69 at the yard were original and perfect. They were not the Mach 1's, but they were high back with head rests. Original covering with no rips or seam separation. As I was looking the seats over, I noticed a dash cover in the back seat that didn't appear to have ever been installed. It has a small separation at one corner in a non-obvious location. Knowing how hard those have been to find for the '69 and '70 Ponys, I just couldn't walk away from that either.

I'm glad I drove the '89 Crown Vic wagon to the yard. I needed it for all the goodies I found. I got everything for $220, and they removed everything and loaded it as well.

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Haven't been to Memory Lane in about a year or so. Do they have anything else?? What kind of cars are there worth looking at??? Thanks!!

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Where exactly is Memory Lane? I've heard it's in Ontario, but I didn't trust the source.

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Right next to the Pick-Your-Part salvage yard - a good place for Fairmont parts.

Now back to being sick -


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