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A HUNKA..HUNKA..Burning Mustang

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man some guys will sink to any level to make a sale..*LOL*, check it out

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That's not a mustang
Now this is a MUSTANG
(see below)
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What a joke .. "Elvis likes it"? What does this guy talk to the dead? *LOL* What the hell does Elvis have to do with that car?

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You'll always get what you've always got
I think we should all send him pictures of our cars and show him what a real mustang looks like!!!! Elvis should have taken it with him. John

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Not a bad looking car; If you like LX's that is. But If I'm not mistaken, can't he be sued for using the Kings likeness in advertiseing without HIS express written permission. LOL
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I Like it, like it alot.......Thank you, Thank you very much!!!!!

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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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