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For those who are interested in this conversion, I've done a lot of research on what it takes to put a t5 manual transmission into a 65/66 with automatic. I thought I'd post it here.

Gear ratios:
T5 3.35, 1.94, 1.34, 1.00, .063
T5Z 2.95, 1.94, 1.34, 1.00, .063
Tremec 3.27, 1.98, 1.34, 1.00, .068
AOD 2.40, 1.47, 1.00, .063
C4 2.41, 1.54, 1.00

Incidentially, I just posted on the 'part for sale' forum that I'm selling the ones at the top of this list.

Used Clutch and Brake Pedals 65 Stock
Used Equalizer Bar and all linkage rods 65 Stock
New Clutch Fork 65 Stock
Used Block Plate 83-93 Stock
Used Bell Housing 83-93 Stock
NOS Flywheel, NOS 157 teeth, 28oz
New Spacer, Clutch Fork conversion
New Shifter boot, Interior 7277-1
New Shifter boot retainer 7262-1A
New Clutch Pedal Pad 7A624-1
New Clutch Pedal Bushings 2471-1 (2)
New Bolts, Clutch to Flywheel 7563-1ak
New Bolts, Flywheel to Engine 6379-1 (6)
New Bolts, Tranny to Bellhousing 6392-4K
New Bolts, Bellhousing to Engine 7001-1k
New Dust Boot - Clutch Fork 7513-5
New Bolts, Release Lever Bracket to Frame 7507-1ak
New Clutch Fork Retainer Clip T-7562-2
New Brake Pedal Pad (Disk) 2454-2A
New Seal, Clutch Pedal Rod/Firewall 7A533-1
New Equalizer Bar Mount Kit 7528-1k
New Pivot, Clutch Fork 7522-1A
New Bushing, Clutch Pedal to Clutch Rod 7526-1
New Spring, Clutch Return 7523-2

I'm not selling these:

T5 Speedometer driven gear - 19 teeth Ford part
Lower/inner boot (above tranny) 83-93 Stock
Pilot Bearing 83-93 Stock
Throw Out Bearing 65 Stock
Clutch/Pressure Plate 65 Stock
Cross Member 6A023-10A
Shifter (Your preference,I prefer Steeda)
Shifter knob 65 Stock
Shifter Handle
Tranny 83-93 with V8
Steel Bearing Retainer Upgrade (recommended,not essential)

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Have you done the conversion yet? I have a similar set up to yours, e.g. Edel performer, 3.55 gears, etc and really enjoy driving the car. I also have a Center Force dual friction clutch that works great!

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I have not. It was my next upgrade, but my wife and I decided to have a baby, and she wanted to stay home and keep it, so some of my hobbies had to go. I had to sell the car. (sniff, sniff)

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T5 3.35, 1.94, 1.34, 1.00, .063

Your 5th gear ratio for the T-5 should be .68, not .63
Only the T-5Z had the .63 gear ratio.

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Been there - done that! My parts list is a bit different. Let me say that 3:50 rear gears are about the tallest you'd want. Very much like 3:00 gears with Toploader. Although I like my combo, performance enthusiasts should consider 3:89 or ^.
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