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A little Brotherley Competition.. racing questions

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Well, I guess I am competing with my brother.... He is building a 1984 Monte Carlo SS, 383 Stroker, Trick Flow heads, etc.... He is going for more of a race car, then a street car. My question is, if I build up a 393 Windsor, get some GT40P heads, MSD distributor, and Ignition Module, good set of headers, good cam, intake, and carb..... do I have any chance at all of beating him in a 1/8 mile race? I figure my car has to be a lot lighter then his.... so can I get away with using less expensive "performace" parts, and a 100 shot of nitrous...... He has a larger budget then I do....
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Should be close... of course, you might be able to get by with the NOS.

hmmm, well there could be drastic differences between your combos, like cam specs, valve and head specs, compression ratios, etc... but if your heads will breath well, I would think he would get his a$s wooped! hehehe never was a monte carlo fan...

I hope you are able to mop the floor with that bowtie... (on the track of course *G*
At 1/8 a lot also depends on the diff gears.
why don't you just race another 1/8 of a mile? I don't understand why people race the 1/8 mile unless they are ricers and want to say they "run 9 seconds"!
Probably because the nearest 1/4 track is 70 miles away.
His car is heavier (they say 3300-3500), with same spec cam and gearing it would be close.
If you can hook up, you'll whoop his butt...

Traction will be the limiting factor, my instincts tell me...

Talk engine but think suspension...*G*

Weight (and a bit of chassis efficiency) are the main reason my race car ran low 11's with a 289 and Johnny Mac's (Hottarod) runs low-mid 12's...basically the same engine/trans.
It's amazing what a few hundred pounds can do...
Im telling you those heads are going to kill you... 393s need lots of breathing room... I know someone who had nicely ported performer RPMs on his 408 and the didnt run well at all... He stuck a set of box stock victor jrs on and it ran like a dream. His was pretty mild too. The gt40Ps are nice cheap heads and great improvements to 302s but they are going to sufficate your engine IMO. As for increasing your time listen to whatever pat has to say... How he gets his mustang that fast amazes me... shows that its not all power but good chassis and suspention too!

Amen to suspension, weight and gears. Those should always be the first consideration when adding Horse Power. If you can't get the HP to the ground it doesn't matter how much HP you have.
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