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I'm getting ready to install new window brushes and felts, rubbers etc. and I'm wondering whether or not it's one of those tricky, 'shoulda let the pro do it' type of things. Are there any tips or warnings regarding this?

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Be careful on the outer felts. When you remove the old ones it normally bends or pulls the metal out a bit where the clips were originally popped into the holes in the door. You have to tap them back in or even shave them smooth again. If not you will install the new felt and your window won't roll up all the way. This was hard to put into words, so I hope it makes sense.

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atta boy!


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If you feel comfortable doing other new tasks on your Pony, this one won't send you to the funny farm...I did mine years ago and have forgotten the particulars but I didn't need too many beers...IYKWIM....

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I just did this on a 68 coupe today. Those panel clip removal tools come in handy, but a screwdriver will work too, if you're careful. If you remove the rubber door stop inside the bottom of the door, you can roll the window down below the weatherstrip level, making it easy to remove and install. While you're in there, be sure to lube the window regulator tracks and replace any of the rollers if they look cracked.
You'll need some Neosporin for all the scrapes on your arm from the door cutouts when you're done.


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