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A little help with my carb rebuild

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Ok, I'm going to try and tackle rebuilding my first carb this weekend. I've already bought the kit (with more tiny pieces in it than I'd like to count). I know that once I have the carb apart, I'm supposed to dip the main body and metering block into some sort of cleaner. What is that stuff called and should I be able to pick it up at NAPA or Autozone? Thanks!
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There is a product specifically called carb cleaner and I've seen it in 1 gallon paint cans at the parts store. I think it is around $10. I have used laquer thinner in the past and it is about $4 a gallon. I think it worked great. My 2cents

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Just keep in mind that on your model carb, you may or may not use all of those
tiny little pieces in the kit, so pay attention to the ones you take off, and replace them

Carb cleaner comes in both the gallon size and a spray can. I've used both together so that
after soaking the body of the carb, I could use the spray can w/ nozzle to clear out any remaining
gunk in the small passages.

Good luck.

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The problem that I've run into with the 1 gallon cans of the carb cleaner is that the mainbody of the carb is bigger than the opening in the can. =^(

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I originally bought a gallon of carb cleaner with basket, but I needed a bigger can. Finally, I dumped the basket, and bought more cleaner, and dumped the whole enchilada (at least the housing) in the can overnight. Be sure and remove all, I mean all, plastic and non-metallic parts, as the cleaner dissolves 'em. Also, be careful: mark each part as it comes off the carb, especially primary and secondary circuitry. Camachinist will tell you all about my travails.

Good's rather easy if you take your time.

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Go to Lowes Hardware and buy a large METAL bucket and the carb cleaner is sold in 5 gallon sizes too, or buy enough to fully submerge your carburetor in 1 gallon cans.

As previously posted, YOU MUST remove ALL non metalic parts as they will melt in the cleaner. It sure helps if you have an air gun to blow out all of the passages.
If you don't already have it you may want to get a shop manual and a Haynes manual. Getting different views helped me out quite a bit and you'll probably need better info than the instruction sheet when it comes to making the adjustments when you put it back together.

I was able to get by with 1 gallon of parts cleaner but it was tight. The shape of the container you put it in will make or break the 1 gallon mark. Find something just big enough to fit the carburetor body and then lay the additional parts on the side.

I separated my parts by area of the carb so I wouldn't get them mixed up when I put them back together.

As someone else mentioned you should blow out the passageways with compressed air after the soak. You don't need much but it should be somewhat forceful. If you're stuck you can use the the compressed air in a can they sell to clean computer keyboards.
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One thing to check out with the parts is that for every piece you take off the carb, see if there is one to replace it..Not all these kits have everypart in them, or there may be a modification to the new piece..If you are useing the carb cleaner from not put anything in it that is made of rubber or it will not come back out..Also wear rubber gloves to remove the carb from it. Soak it for at least 24 hours in the solution..submerged then rinse off in hot/warm water, blow dry or just let it sit and dry ..Most kits come with an assembly printout, some though do not..You can most likely go to your local Ford Fealer and they will have the Book on the ford carbs and give you a photo copy of the one you have..I got my work sheet from outr local dealer here like that..saves a lot of time putting it back together..Then once you have it together, turn out the adjusting screws 1 1/2 turns and the car will start..fine tune after..

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