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The guy who sold me the '66 Coupe I now have in pieces just bought a 64.5 for his daughter. It purrs like a kitten!

Interestingly enough, the door tag and OEM "VIN" numbers on original paperwork match, but the fender tag doesn't.

Door Tag: 5F07F131400
fender: 5F07D131400

Since the carb is a 2V, the fender tag is incorrect, but it's a 64.5. It was purcahsed 5/14/1964 in Los Angeles and has spent its whole life here, mostly in a garage.

It's a nice example of a car that really only needs to be cleaned.

P.S. - One more day's worth of dissambly and I'll be ready to start prepping the '66 for paint.
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