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A Northern Convertible-photos from restoration

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Well snapped some photos of my 66 convertible (76B body, 289-2V, 4 speed, powersteering) as it looks now to go with some photos taken before and after restoration (through in some shots at end of how floors, engine and axle looked at end).It wasn't pretty to start, and I paid a $1000 for that mess! If anyone wants to see, click on link below.It may take a moment to load all 14 pictures.

1967 S code GT Deluxe Coupe 65B
1966 Convertible 76B 289 4 speed
1964 Fairlane 500 2DR HT-the new project
1986 Jeep Cherokee 4X4 the "beater"
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You deserve an award. Just goes to show that silk purse can come from a sows ear! Great job.

EdK (Ed Kennedy on old forum)
'66 Coupe, '94 GT Convertible, 2000 Explorer XLT
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