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A note about missing pictures........

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Figured one thing out. I changed the server that I had my picture stored on from tripod to my ISP space and my picture now comes up, (at least for me).

The problem is I went back and checked an older post of mine which still had the link to tripod for the picture and of course, it wouldn't show. (reload image - old URL). To make a long story short, any posts you had before you change the server to one that the link will work will still keep the old link, and will not automaticaly update the link. I am guessing the logic here is to keep the pertenant pictures with archived posts, but in this case it worked backwards.

The morral of the story is, If you change your server to one that works, don't go back to an old post to check it - make a new post to see if the new URL will work.

Hope this helps someone, it sure confused the hell out of me.............*G*.

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When you make a post, the picture is not stored with the post. Only the link to the picture is stored with the post. So unless you were to go back and change the link in the old post to the location of the new picture, it's still pointing at the non-working link.

This is something people should keep in mind as they're building all these posts with pics. While it looks great right now, if the poster with the pics changes ISPs, or moves their site, the now archived post will no longer show the picture. If the post doesn't explain well, and relies on the picture to do the explaining, there's a big potentional for it be a completely non-sensical (is that a word?) post at some time in the future.

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