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A perhaps "decent" idea for A pillar guages

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Looking at my 67, which is all stripped appart, it looks like you could take a flat peice of diamond plate, run wind lace around the whole thing, and mount the buckets on that. Put some nice rubber grommets for the wires to go through.

It wont really look right in most cars, but it could in some apps.. It will look really high tech if done right tho :p
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I'm gonna put a '65 Shelby dash pod on my '68. I have one that I purchased for my '65 (it's not installed yet). I placed it on the dash of my '68 to see how it looks. It actually looks pretty good. The gauges angle up slightly, but it looks better than any thing else that I could come up with. I'll be ordering another one soon, as I've already purchased the gauges for it. I wish someone would make a classic mustang pillar gauge kit though.
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