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a "Presidential" edition 69 Mustang??

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Has anyone ever heard of such a car? I came across a 69 fastback in a local junkyard that had, on the tail light panel, a "Presidential" nameplate. And if my memory serves me correctly it was written in script form, as the "Mustang" nameplates on the fenders are written.
Anyone have any input on this?
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I'm pretty sure that Bill Clinton had some kind of 69 named after him, but I'm not sure if it was a Mustang.

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WOW! I was reading a book on Mustangs just recently at the bookstore in the mall. There was a section on "presidential" stangs. I think they only made them for one year, and if that is true, there were only 50 made, according to the book. But, notice I said 'think' they only made it for one year. The one in the book was white, with a light blue tail light panel. Either way, I would try to pick this car up quick, before someone else finds it. Good luck!


P.S. Tell me if you get it, and if you don't, please tell me. Thanks

do you remember which book this was that you were reading about the presidential mustang in. I'm always looking for good information about mustangs!!!
No, but I will go back and check for you. What is your email adress, then I can email you the title and author. It is a really neat book. It also has some pics and info on the Super Snake, and a bunch of other special edition stangs.

Sean, when you find out about that book can you email me too?? [email protected] thanks John
Well, I was going to say email me too but why don't you just post the results as it looks like alot of people are interested in this. Thanks Sean.

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Never ever heard of such a model Would suggest that is it one of the following

1. The emblem of the dealership - commonly found on the rear taillight panel - identifying the original dealership

2. Could be a dealer special but haven't heard of a bunch of these spending the $$'s to have emblems made up for the cars. Especially for very small numbers.

BTW check the DSO that may provide some additional info

Please let us know if you find out anythign more but please be very careful of what you read in books ;)

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Thats funny !!!!

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In 1969 Nixon was the president. Maybe it had some special tape player option?

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I think that was the Rosemary Woods option that mysteriously erases the tapes!!!!

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Just to update anyone that was curious as to the mystery of this car. I took a trip back to the junkyard today that I had seen it decaying in and came to find that it was no longer there. No suprise to me since it was a couple years ago when I found it. Anymore information as to what, if anything, I let slip through my hands would be hurtful but appreciated.
What I did happen onto just about a stones throw away from the yards office trailer was a rusting, totally stripped down 69 fastback. Further observations found it equipped with big block shock towers and staggered rear shock plates and an R in the 5th place of the VIN. After I waited a couple minutes for the tent to retract, I went to the door and asked if it was for sale.......oh well, maybe next time.
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What means this "free image hosting" and can I get my car's picture on here for free?

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There was a Special Mustang in the Philadelphia Sales District which consisted of speial colors poppy red an d a pale green. I know because I have one. The Promotion was confirmed by Ford, Kevin Marti and My research revealed original newspaper ads. The promotion consisted of 503 of these specially painted cars. The promo was to kick off the "Mustang Stampede" sales event. Kevin Marti revealed that mine (poppy Red) was 1 of 87. The promo also included a decal on the fender underneath the Mustang script. Any one interested in this or knows more contact me I want to start a registry.
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