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I just bought a parts car yesterday a 72 Mustang Grande

It had no Motor or Tranny, The body is actually fair straight except for the missing passenger fender,front clip and slight damage to the passenger door(someone nailed the car) even if this car could be made road worthy...

Ok here is what told me
model year: 1972
built at: Dearborn (Dearborn, MI)
bodystyle: Grande option (Hardtop, only)
engine: 302 CID - 2V
consecutive unit #: 122855
body series: Hardtop - "Grande" trim package
estimated build date: Unknown Code - recheck entry?
exterior color: "Medium Brown Metallic"
interior trim: Medium Ginger corinthian vinyl w/ matching "lambeth" broadcloth inserts
ordered through (DSO): Cincinnati, OH ("CI")
axle ratio: 3.00:1 "conventional"
transmission: "C-4" automatic

How rare was the ginger interior option, and how many or did all of them come with the mach1 style racing mirrors...?

Almost every part on this car is perfectly salvageable.
It brought about a fun day for my dad and I...

The only bad thing was when my Mach(blue one below) the hurst shifter got stuck in Drive... Heh has anyone else had tons and loads of problems with thier hurst automatic??

I have no idea as to how rare the medium brown/medium ginger interior was on a Mustang but when we bought our new Torino back then that was a very popular combo for them, had a choice of more than 10-12 from the same dealer. Of friday there was one for sale w/ that combo in Kingston NY

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