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I got off my lazy ass today to try to find out more about why my 302 smokes. I figured I would do a compression check, replace the valve seals and wiggle the valves to see if the guides are ok. I am having trouble on 5 & 8 with oil burning. And a compression check showed 5,6,7 @ 150~155 and 8 @ 125 (I did not do the little squirt of oil to see if 8 would go up).

I proceeded to go on to removing the valve springs and after the rocker arms were off I used the compressed air method to keep the valves in place. When air was hooked up to 5, atomized air was blowing out the carb. Hmmmm. I tried 8 and when the rockers were off and the valves were closed I had air coming out of the exhaust.

The engine is a 69 302 with 70 302 heads, rebuilt about a year ago. Car is still very driveable despite all of the things that must be going on inside. I do have allot of oil wanting to seep out everywhere and think that this a contributing factor. What do you all think, time for new heads? I have some 70 351 heads in need of a rebuild, should I go ahead with these or do you all think I would be better off with some aftermarket ones. The 351 heads will have to have hardened seats put in so I won’t have to deal with this again. Any one know about how much this costs for a pair.

Now for a stupid question. Any one know if the seats for 1.84/1.54 valves work for 1.94/1.60 valves.
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