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a touching story..*way off topic*

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back in the late '60s when Vietnam was raging..and so many of our troops were there..bracelets made of stainless steel were being sold for 5 bucks..they had the names of Military personal that were either MIA..or wife bought one and held onto it all there years..she always thought she would like to find the person whos name appeared..her bracelet bore the name of one Capt. Edwin Miller..missing in March of '68..she held onto that worthless stainless bracelet for over 30 years..and TODAY..just today..she finds the man who's name is on it..he was shot down over Vietnam in '68 and was a POW until '73...he now resides in alive and wife spoke to him on the phone..he was shocked to say the leaset..and was all choked up when she spoke to him..needless to say..the bracelet will be sent off to Capt Edwin Miller in California..returned to it's rightful owner..I hope someday my wife and I have the honor of meeting me he is a true hero...
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I didn't think any of those bracelets were still around, but I'm pleased to hear that this one has a happy ending.

I don't begrudge today's servicemen and women the admiration they are due, but I do sometimes wonder what it would have been like if the Vietnam vets had been half as appreciated. I can imagine how Capt. Miller must feel to find out that someone cared enough to remember.

Please thank Toni for all whose names might have ended up on that bracelet.
Thanks for sharring, there was a reason she kept it all these years, who says there's no higher power.
What a truly wonderful story and a terrific wife you have there. I too had one of those bracelets as a young boy and still remember to this day the officer's name, Lt. Col. Brendan Foley. His son was my age and we went to grade school together. I wore that bracelet for quite some time but evenutally it broke and I misplaced it but his name still rings in my head to this day.

Your story did not indicate how your wife came to know this man was living in California. As Paul Harvey says, "now, here's the rest of the story..."

How did this happen? Do tell....
That's a powerful story, Vince. I hope you have a chance to meet - it's worth coming out to California for /forums/images/icons/smile.gif
very touching story I bet Capt miller will alwas rember someone cared . a salute to all our active service personel and a big thanks to all who served past/present/future Russell
You already knew this... but your wife is a wonderful caring person.
Very cool. I'll bet that made his day/week/month. To know that somebody cared enough to have a bracelet remembering him in the first place, let alone to keep it all these years and be thoughtful enough to contatct him.
WOW!!! That is truly amazing.

I had lots of friends in high school that wore those bracelets. I don't know if any of them got to return theirs to their "owners" though.
That is so AWSOME! Toni is truly an amazing person. Anyone who has had the honor to talk with her know that! I'm glad she was able to find and contact Mr. Miller.

Please give us an update, if and when you folks ever meet up with him. I bet this will give him one more step toward closing this chapter of his life if he hasn't already done so.
That is so cool! I remember those bracelets very well and how many of those whose names were on them did not come back.
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