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A Tribute to Plummer55

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As you all know, Plummer55 aka Allen Gray passed away suddenly last week. Several of us, Bob, CantedValve, Dickson and myself have had a few private discussions about a proper and dignified way for the forum members to honor his memory.

One of the unfortunate realities of this is that Allen left a very young daughter Brianna, age 5. Collectively it has been decided that one great way to honor Allen would be to help the Brianna attend college in the future. Since I work for A.G. Edwards, my firm can easily do this.

Since the Grays are residents of Ohio, the logical thing to do is to use the Ohio 529 plan thereby allowing the Grays to get a state tax deduction as a side benefit to our contribution. The Ohio plan uses the Putnam Family of mutual funds which AG Edwards also has a relationship with. Under the circumstances, I will be asking Putnam to give us a break on their fees and I will being forgiving any fee as well. I plan to put in the first $100.

I will be posting later in the week about how to contribute to Briannas college fund. I hope you will all contribute something as a tribute to our friend.

Thank you.

John Boggs
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I'm sure many would like to help, is there a way to set up paypal or something similar.
If someone can set it up, I am sure it can be done-but it's over my head. Computer gurus? Help please.

J. Boggs
sounds great to me...We need a paypal account....please post when it is set-up
Have any of you heard of go to that webb site and check it out it might be a good idea for some people that cant aford any contribution up front but might help out in the futut\re it doesnt cost to sign up but could posibly add up in the future big time also you cant register your kids or grand children well worth looking into
When a PayPal account is set up count me in. Also it might be wise to have a physical address for people to mail in contributions. I've found with VAP that some people still are not familliar with how PayPal works and would rather send a check in the mail.

One thing I want to say: I am very happy to be associated with this group, and am proud of the people here. This group prooves time after time to be much more then a bunch of faceless names on a computer screen. Whenever one of the group realy needs help, some or all of us step up to the plate. I've seen this happen many times here. With 5,760 Registered Users we should be able to come up with a hell of a fund to grow into enough to get Allen's 5 year old daughter through school. It's nice to know that if I got into trouble tomorow you guys would be around to do what needed to be done. I am proud to be a part of this Mustang illumanati.

OK, that's all the warm and fuzzy you get aut of me for the year................ *G*.
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Great idea! Count me in.
I have already taken more in donations than we need for flowers. I can take donations for the college fund as well. I have set up another Paypal account: [email protected]

A physical address:

College Fund
c/o: Jim Meyer
15016 Water Oak Place
Huntertown, IN 46748
I grew up in Ohio and went to school in Cincinnati although presently live in northern California.

I will be making my donation to her fund in hopes she has as good as future as possible. My thanks to each of you for setting this up for us to contribute.
John, this is an excellent idea. This forum never ceases to amaze me with the amount of help and support everyone has for each other. I spoke to Allen in the chat room on many occasions. This is a great way help support his family. You can definitely count me in for a contribution.
John, This is a great idea. I can't think of a better way to show our support. I can only echo the thoughts above about how everyone on VMF really kicks in and lends a caring hand, or sends a thoughtful word when it is needed.
Thanks for setting it up.
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