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Is there any marking on an original A-code engine that make it easy to distinguish from a C-code?

I seem to see a lot of C-coded cars with a 4V carb on it (some of which the owners state a factory 4v cars, yet the vin# shows 2v)

Other than the internal differences between the two, is there an easy way to externally distinguish the two? (You can't really pull apart the engine of a car that you are looking at, and data plates are easy to change as well as putting a 4V carb on it)



Nope..... differences are the intake, carb, and pistons ( I recently found this out here).

Sure, you can change dataplates, but if the inner fender on the drivers side is stamped, it is probably right. It would be a lot of work just to fake out a C code to an A code and IMHO the A code is still pretty common. If you where that evil a person you would probably just make it a K code.

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