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This is exactly why I don't bother to have my 67 GT350 judged.

Don't get me wrong - I love to put it in shows and chat with the people that come by. But if it is an MCA show I don't watch while it is being judged and I don't bother getting a judging sheet.

If you are having a car judged then your fate is in the hands of the person/people judging your car. Unfortunately there isn't one judge that knows everything there is to know about your specific car, mostly due to the fact that Ford was SO inconsistent.

So if your car's widget is green and the judge "knows" that it is supposed to be blue, you have to prove that yours was originally green. You might know that it was green but you can't prove it. So points are deducted (usually leading to extreme agitation on the part of the owner).

I'm not knocking judges. Most work hard and do the very best that they can but they can't know everything. That's just not humanly possible. So IMO I have two choices (1) show the car and deal with the inconsistencies of the judging, or (2) don't bother having it judged. I choose (2), but that's just me.
1 - 1 of 27 Posts
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