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According to MCA....

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How would MCA view my Shelby if I were to put it all back to stock but relocate the battery to the trunk? Since they don't go by the SAAC registry, they have no idea of how my car came. Do they judge just by what was accurate for that year for Shelbys?

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First Bob, thanks for the opportunity to discuss this

"suspicious" I would not think that would be the word I would use. Instead consider this. Shelby MCA judge often access to the same documentation as any other organization has.

I don't think anyone want to give a national trophy in a restored class which we find out later was not restored. For example years ago there was a top end restored 69 R code Convertible that was restored and shown allot. It won first after first and was featured in many national magazines. Well as the story goes one of the workers that helped build the car eventually came out to explain that the car was not what it was shown and later sold as (got allot more money for it due to the awards, articles and so on). Car was a converted 351W automatic convertible.

My earlier comments should not be (thought I said it but not likely clear enough ;) read to say that MCA currently gets a Marti report or VIN report from SAAC on all cars entered in the restored and modified classes. Instead I would not put it beyond a individual judge at a show that sees that a car in the class he/she is judging has something out of the ordinary on a car to investigate it if they can. It only makes them a better judge I would think.

For example if 6S001 showed up with a vinyl top or 5S010 with thunderbird taillights I bit of homework would help out allot since the rules do not specify they two oddities of production. At the same time – see response below- I would as an owner expect and be prepared to offer information to the judges on their arrival at the car.

"Is every 66 Shelby owner supposed to show up with something documenting how the car came from Shelby"

After a full restoration and all the related research (or dollars) that it takes to do one today every owner knows how their car is similar or dissimilar to the current expectations. Most owners and restorers start out with a set of rules to guide the process. I get allot of calls about "my car is different" and on investigation and discussion with the owner (seeing the car when possible) I would report that approx 80% can be explained away for one reason or another.

But like UFO's, what about the others. In this case I'v learned something new that I in turn try and share with other judges and owners. Something this site and the other before it, have been wonderful for.

If you know you car is different in some way you must have looked into why your car is that way by the time it get to the judged event. Not to bring that information with you (doesn't normally take that much space in the trailer) would be silly.

Bob- just a direct response to you example. Why would an owner not expect to lose points in a restored class when the car they are showing (in your example a color change) was not restored?

This response is not an officical response of MCA, its officers or its membership.

“Showing and judging …… not for the weak ;)
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I have to agree with Jeff pretty much down the line.Though I don't particularly like judging,it is kind of fun listening to people explain how there car was special ordered with a black and white pony interior and harts cloth top,because the previous owner told them so...Then back track when you ask to see the window sticker or other documentation.I also feel sorry for the ones who really believe it.
All of my cars have had variances from the known NORM ,but with some research others were found and the rules have been changed to reflect this new knowledge.
the object of judging is to help the owner improve the car and bring it back to as close to original as possable.
I can hear both sides. I've been to shows where the judging was downright horrible. I do agree with Jeff and Charles though that if you don't like it become part of the solution rather than complain about it. My only complaint is I've emailed several judges about how to become a judge and never received a response.
If you're talking about wanting to become an MCA certified judge, you need to contact Chuck Micele, MCA Vice-President. He is in charge of issuing all judging tests. There's a contact for him on the MCA website.
just make sure your car is painted white - has the blue lemans stripes and crager wheels.. you'll do juuuuussssstt fine ;)
My only complaint is I've emailed several judges about how to become a judge and never received a response.
Let me know if the e-mail address in your profile is current and I'll send you the appropriate information.
It is, thanks.
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