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Adding new VMF'r this time, instead of new car !

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Here's the good news! All my forgetfulness,lack of posting to board, moodiness and weight gain over the past few months is due to impending arrival of a future VMF baby!! What a nice surprise!!

(Talk to me in a few months and I will be ACHING for the baby to be delivered already!)

Bad news: Project Junkyard Dog is coming to a near standstill to prepare for the new family member! =( Elvis has left the building, and is now with my Mom and her significant other, and the 66 was given to youngest sister for a birthday gift. The GT sits in the garage with the engine out, and interior stuffed full of extra parts!

Lucky hubby....we put the 55 F100 Panel truck restoration into high gear, since there will be more room to tote baby around. But what about the poor GT??

At least it will be sparkling clean and ready for paint and more body work, as all of a sudden I have a mean cleaning streak going on now!
Time to change my signature again!

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Congrats! Welcome to the mini-VMF club (babies born to VMFers since the start of VMF). When are you due?

We have an ultrasound on Monday (20 weeks), and we're going to TRY to determine the sex. I'll share results then. Assuming, of course, I have results to share!

Congratulations. Don't worry about the cars, as there'll be plenty of time for that later (like, now, for me with one of my kids heading off to college this year, and the other next year).

Is this your first? Oh, how life makes these drastic turns with the birth of each child! *LOL*.
Thanks Steve! I'm due around Jan 18,2003..but doctor thinks I may be further along than I think, and is not ruling out twins yet! Yikes! =)

Congrats to you to! Keep us posted! I'm with you, I'm going to find out as soon as I can whether it will be a boy or girl!

John, yes this is our first...all my previous experience is with dogs and cars, so we are very excited!

I know once kids are in college the GT will be done! LOL. I'm only going to get it running, and leave body work as much as it is as possible while preserving it until then! But, I've pared down the stable by 2 trucks and 2 cars since we've found out!

I'm looking forward to getting the baby started at an early age into becoming a motor head! Ty is already planning ot bring us home from the Hospital in the 55 Panel! He has plans to customize it for baby hauling duty! LOL!
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[color:red]all my previous experience is with dogs and cars, so we are very excited! </font color=red>

LOL, You sound like my wife and I./forums/images/icons/smile.gif With 3 dogs, and 6 cars. only thing, is we are keeping them all. Oh, and we only got till July 23./forums/images/icons/crazy.gif/forums/images/icons/shocked.gif I hope all goes well.
Congrats on the new pending arrival. /forums/images/icons/cool.gif But how did you find the time being a truck driv'en, dispatch'en, and EMT person? Hmmm the hubby must have taken a ride with you in your truck, /forums/images/icons/shocked.gif the one with the bumber sticker that reads: If this TRUCK is a rock'en don't come a knock'en. /forums/images/icons/blush.gif
But all kidding aside, you find out that there is such a thing as love at first sight in January. /forums/images/icons/cool.gif (Although 4 days later would be even better. /forums/images/icons/tongue.gif ) And one other thing, remember your life as it is now cause it will soon be a memory, your life as you know it will change forever. (But for the better) /forums/images/icons/smile.gif Keep us posted. fd
Congrats to you and your significant other

welcome to the VMF and parents club

If you plan on working in the garage, be careful around chemicals. They can be as devastating as smoking or drinking while pregnant.

I think you'll be the first VMFer to actually give birth!!
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