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I haven't worked on any 69's in particular but..
Generally old Mustang A/C came in two flavors, the factory put it in on the assembly line or the car dealer installed it after the car was delivered. The first is referred to as "Factory AC" the second as "Add-On or Hang-On AC".
I like the factory AC which more resembles late model style AC. I have a 67 which never had AC and found the whole factory setup in a junk car. Installing it wasn't particularly fun, but was just a matter of removing and replacing. No actual modifications to any part of the dash.
Since 69's also had the same options, no AC, factory, or add-on-you have your choice. The add-on works OK and is easier to install, but most of it hangs down under the dash and works separately from the vents already in your car. If you want add AC, people like Classic Auto Air can sell you a complete kit for either configuration. The parts will be brand new and upgraded so you can use the newer type (cheaper) freon. Their kits are are not show car "correct" but a better choice for AC that works really well.
Since power steering was a factory option, you buy new and or used parts to add it to your car so that no one can tell it came new with manual steering (unless they research your VIN or body tags). This stuff isn't available as a "kit" like the AC, so you'll need to scrounge. Some of the bits and pieces may be difficult to come up with.
You might want to collect some Mustang parts catalogs and get an idea of what you need. If you don't have them already, I recommend National Parts Depot, CJ Pony Parts, and Mustangs Unlimited to get you started. There's lots more.
Good luck with it.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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