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Working on getting my 66 Sprint 200 back on the road. Problem is I've hit a mental lull. Not lack of interest, but lack of direction, or too many directions available is more like it. I'm looking for input.

Basic facts: 66 I-6, 3-speed man. Power nothing. Sitting for 7 years. So far replaced: gas tank to carb, exhaust, radiator, front suspention (all soft pieces + lower control arms, spring & perches, and shocks), rear shocks, all brakelines, new brakejob inc. slave cyl., new master cyl, rebuilt Carb (twice),

Engine starts quick and easy, idles ok, never been able to tune the carb well. Timing is set to about 18 degrees. Less than 16 it gets rough (Don't think dist. is off a tooth, and if I line #1 piston at TDC, Harmonic balancer lines up at 0degrees).

My problem is where to go from here. Things I know I need to do are:
Set Dwell (It was set last year,but I'm not sure it was right... about 36 degrees if I remember correctly)
Tune Carb
Check Compression
Leak Down Test
Check fuel pressure
Check Vacuum
Check Water Pump
Flush cooling system
Determine if Timing Chain needs replacement
Check Thermostat

Need to determine if Engine needs a rebuild. Objective is to get the car on the road for 1-3 years to shake out problems, gather parts, and gain experience. I'm figuring this out as I go along. Then tear her down for a Concourse Driven restoration.

What should I tackle first? What order? I'm finding the time and motivation to work on her, but not the direction. I need to know where to start. Also what am I missing?


Hi, I'm just getting done with my '73 Coupe, so I can understand the steps in between! I find that I waste time
just going in the garage and "working". Now, I'll make a
list for each day of what I want to do and master list
for the whole project. Also, as I'm working I make list
of stuff I need bolts, hardware and repairs....

It seems like you need to:
-complete tuneup of drivetrain
-check suspension out
-anything else needed to get car on road
-drive for 1-3 years while collecting parts
-start your restoration

I sort of did the same thing. I did the following after
my car:

-removed motor/tranny (broken rod!)
-removed suspension/brakes
-cleaned underbody then painted
-reassembled suspension/brakes
-built new motor/tranny
-installed motor/tranny
-got the car on road for 3-4 months
-started the restoration
-new paint interior/exterior
-new weatherstrip
-replace/clean trim
-reassembly of car
-minor tweaking


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A compression test is first. If one cylinder reads zero, case closed you need a rebuild. If there all roughly equal then you probably don't need a rebuild. Checking the oil pressure of an engine also gives a good indication of overall health. Next take a can of carburetor cleaner and spray it around the intake and the carburetor gasket and look for leaks. Check the vacuum advance by taking off the cap and sucking on the vacuum line. If you suck air it is bad, if it moves its good. Pull all the spark plugs and line them up in a row. See if one of them looks different than the others. Start the car at night and look for sparks jumping in the dark. I prefer dwell meters to set dwell on points but i converted to pertronix because i hate points. Don't get me wrong, points work reall well when they are properly set and you don't do somthing stupid like have the engine off and put the keyh into the run position to listen to the radio and not start the car and when you do you find out you've welded the points together.

If your more specific about what exactly it does rather than it runs bad is helpfull. Stumbling on full throttle is very different than a rough idle or random stalls.

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Lets see, dwell for six cylinder...hmmm 360 degrees of rotation divided by 6 cylinders (cam lobes) yields 60 degrees. Two-thirds of 60 yields 40 degrees...yup, your dwell should be set at 40 degrees!

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Great Advice! Thanks.

Motorhead said:
"If your more specific about what exactly it does rather than it runs bad is helpfull. Stumbling on full throttle is very different than a rough idle or random stalls"

Right now it runs ok at idle, not perfect. . I didn't list any specific problems because I'm not looking so much to solve a specific problem as to get direction, which you gave me. Once I get moving I'm sure I'll find a bunch of problems to solve /forums/images/icons/smile.gif

Thanks a ton!! /forums/images/icons/smile.gif

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