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Advice in how to fab a timing pointer?

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My new radiator does a lot towards keeping the fastback running cooler, but as it still runs a little hot I still suspect the timing is off a little. That will be tackled when we restick the distributor....

I bought my engine rebuilt by a local mechanic. I've been told that it has a late-model front cover on it, and came with no timing pointer installed. When the timing was initially set, Don fabbed a temporary pointer - but now it's time to do it permanently (if not right !)

There is a bolt hole on the front cover just above where we currently have the temporary pointer. I could fabricate some sort of a pointer out of a metal strip, and could attach it using a bolt into that hole.

Could this work properly? How will I know how to fab the pointer so it will be in the correct postion in regards to the timing marks on the balancer?

Please forgive this newbie question - I've never done timing before...Thanks a lot ! Dickson
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I am not sure on how to make sure that the timing is set properly in regards to the engine, but I do know that they make a bolt in timing pointer for the late model cover. I found the bolt in pointer to be a great nuisance and am therefore not going to use it. Most of my problem came from clearance between the pointer and balancer and pointer and water pump. What we are going to do is place a mark on part of the front cover and use that instead of the timing pointer. If you want to try the bolt in pointer, you can get one at a ford dealer for about $10. Hopefully someone else will be able to help out on how to get the correct position.

I had a similar problem a while back. I have the late model front cover but the old style harmonic balancer, so the bolt on pointer (on the passenger side for the late model) won't work. I bought one of those bolt-on pointers for I think 68-73 and bolted it to the timing cover using one of the bolts that connects the cover to the block. It would be the same bolt that would bolt on the pointer on the old cover (the one that didn't have the built in pointer). It appears to be correct: I put it to TDC and the #1 cyl valves were closed and the rotor was pointing at the #1 wire. However, the bolt on pointer has 2 holes and I am only using one of them, and the pointer is sort of hovering over the timing cover. It's tight and doesn't look like it will move but you never know. If you have the late model balancer and need the passenger side bolt on pointer, I have one of those in my garage if you need it.

***Let me just add this: When I said the rotor was pointing at the #1 wire, I didn't mean exactly at the #1 wire, just in the general area to compensate for the timing.
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I actually had a partially disassembled paper clip as a pointer for a week or two. Or course I still use a golf tee as a vaccum plug.

J. Boggs
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