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Howdy all!

Well, my younger brother is looking to spend 7500 on a car. He wants
something that will be fairly reliable, and use it as a daily driver.

But he also wants something cool.

So he spotted this Red 67 Hardtop and wrote down the phone number. We
went to look at it, and here is what we found out:

Buck Tag Info: (Door tag is missing)

% 536
4 B3 7T01C199291
65A F 2B

Best I can tell, it was originally the 67 2 Door Hardtop with bucket seats,
Arcadian Blue with a blue interior.

It is now red with a black interior.

I could see absolutely no rust underneath.

A little rust was apparent in the rain gutters over the windows.

Interior is spotless with the black crinkle vinyl. Radio is one of those aftermarket
cassette units. Clock was replaced with an oil temp gauge.

The 289 is still there. Looks to have been cleaned up at the least, possibly
rebuilt. Has Cobra valve covers and nice original looking headers.

Biggest problem: front right was hit at one point and repaired. Fender apron
inside near battery tray isnt rusty, but is still a little dented from the accident.
Underneath the front, it looks like everything was straightened out pretty good.

The gap between the right front fender and the door is a little too wide at the

The only other problem area is a couple of torched open holes, about 1.5" in
diameter, in the front of each shock tower. It is not rust, and it looks like someone
did it to access a bolt on the upper arm or something like that.

It has a good 15 foot paint job, but would need another one some day to be a
show car.

Runs great. New Mufflers and a new fuel pump recently. Everything seems to
work mechanically, and electrically. The car is very peppy.

He's askin $7200. Should we do it?



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I may offend someone, but I own a 67 coupe that had zero rust, body was straight and was a driver at the time I got it for 2k. I wanted all new rubber and suspension plus a new paint job (maaco) With my latest engine rebuild I now have 9k invested, but personally with still a lot of work left I think 7k is to much for this one. 5-6k is about tops for a coupe needing very little work. Those holes in the shock tower are for grease fitting access.

Way to much money. You should be able to find a nice coupe in the 4k range. Go to some Mustang car shows if you can. Study them. Learn. Then buy.

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I too will third the "It's too much" routine. Since it is a basic mustang that needs some work I would not spend more than 5k on it. It sounds like you have a "It's a classic seller" that does not know much about the value of these cars. A couple of months ago I saw a red 68 from Ok in Lemont that is similar condition to the one you decribe for $2900. It sat for a couple of weeks and then disappeared.
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