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Advice needed in NOS pricing

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When you own an unusual NOS item (like my 9" Traction-Lok 31-spline 4-pinion 3.25 3rd member w/yoke) where there seems to be no buying & selling of an identical item in Hemmings, eBay, or this site, what's the best way to value it? We all seem to be offended by "make offer" ads, so would Ebay be best? A local rearend shop owner estimated $1000 would be fair, but of course he wasn't making an offer! Isn't a grand a little high for a 3.25 gearing? Yet, as the NOS market spirals out of control, I wonder... Any input/opinions??? Thanks...

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Hey ill give you 100 bucks for it.... but seriously, thats gotta worth some money, especially if its never been used. You could probably name your own price for something like that.
If you think 1K is too high, put it on e-bay with an $800 reserve. If it goes for more than that, Great. If it doesn't, you aren't obligated to sell it.

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I was quoted 600.00 to rebuild a 3:25 posi and that did not include gears. Most guys at the swap meets want at least 450.00 for a good used 3:25 posi because they are getting harder to find,so 1000.00 might not be out of line but its just finding someone that wants it bad enough.
Maybe 1000.00 if its a "N" case. Otherwise this seems a little high to me , especially for 3.25's

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