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Advice on 65 conv body

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I own a 65 Conv, 289 V-8, with a clear title. For the past 15 years it has been parked in garage under a tarp. I recently planned on fixing up and driving daily. The engine/transmission are in great shape, runs well. 120,000 miles on original engine. The problem is the body. I took it into the local body shop for a paint job and new floor pans, and I was told by 1 shop it has severe rust and needs $10,000 in body work. A second body shop looked at it and said it has severe rust, they would not even touch it.
Is the car worth putting $10,000.00 into it?
What is it worth if I sold it as is? Is it just junk?
How hard is it to learn to weld under car body parts?
Is it something someone can do themselves?
I would appreciate any advice.

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your thinking right, learn how to do your own bodywork. take classes at local JC,go to library and read up on it,ask questions here,search interenet for autobody sites.
try or
search the forums there. You can do your own bodywork,its not hard,it will take practice and time. Also...where do you live there might be a member close by who can help you out.

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It's whatever you want to do really.

If you have a body shop do the work, there's no way you would be able to sell it when it's done for what you have in it.

If you want to fix it yourself, it isn't really a question of CAN you do it. Sure you can. The questions are:

1. Do you want to do it? If you're on the fence now, it isn't going to get any better when you're out in the garage with grinding dust in one eye, sweat filling up your ears, and blood running down your leg.

2. Do you have the money do bring it off? You'll need $600 to buy a MIG welder and gas, A hundred for an angle grinder and wheels. You'll need a nice 3/8 drill with bits and a spot weld cutter. SAFETY GLASSES...on and on. Then you'll need to buy your parts, paint, etc. If you do all the work yourself and the car doesn't need EVERYTHING you'll probably end up with a car worth roughly what you have in it, if you value your time at $0.00 per hour, and ignore everything you spent on tools (You'll still have the tools though, so that's cool. /forums/images/icons/wink.gif)

3. Do you have the time. This is a real killer. What's your wife going to say when you start spending every free hour in the garage. Most every weekend...after work...etc. Can you do it without ruining your family life? You're talking about hundred of manhours.

4. Space. Do you have somewhere that you can tie up for several months to a couple of years while you do this.

Think about it and decide. If you want to give it a go...we'll be here to help.


By the way. It IS worth SOMETHING as it sits. It isn't just junk. If you want to sell it to someone who thinks they have 1-4 above, they'll pay real money for it. How much? Depends upon the condition and the options on the car. 289 V8 could mean everything from a c-code 200 hp car to a 271 hp K code. The amount of money the latter would bring in ANY condition would probably be astounding. Course it's about 1000 to one against it being a K code...which is why they are so darn high.

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Post the VIN here and the information from the door warranty plate. We can decode it for you so you know what you have. BTW, even with rust, $10K for body work sounds pretty high. To require that much body work, the rust should be pretty obvious.

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there is a tag on the drivers door, you need to open the door to see it. Post what the tag says and somebody will decode it, or with a bit of web searching there are online sites you can decode it.

Take a hose and put it in the cowl (grill by the windshield wipers) and see if water comes into the floor of the car.

If you can find a digital camera and lift the car enough to take some pictures you can post them and the gang of experts here can give a much better reading on how bad the rust is.

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No water came into the floor of the car.
The VIN is : 5F08C294295
Door tag info: Body 76 A
Color Y
Trim 22
Date 21j
DSO 45
Axle tran 64
Vehicle warranty # 5f080294295

I have some photos, but I can't figure out how to add to my post. Again, thanks for everyones help. I appreciate it

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