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I've been reading the forum regarding aftermarket steering wheel horn issues lately trying to find an answer to my situation.

I decided to go with a 14" leather wrapped steering wheel as a modern upgrade and to make it easier to participate in autocross events. I reached out to the vendor a few times regarding this issue and have not gotten a response. My order came with no proper installation instructions (other than a shipping invoice). Maybe someone here can help.

Installation of the steering wheel went fine. Attaching the two wires seemed to go fine. Tested the horn button BEFORE mounting it into steering wheel - it worked.
BUT once I inserted the horn button into the steering wheel - nothing.

There is a metal ring part that came with the kit that I installed onto the steering wheel (PIC-C) where the horn button snaps into. The metal bar clip on the backside of the horn button (PIC-A) is grounding out on that metal ring once it is installed into the steering wheel. As for (PIC-B), don't mind the fix - quality control issue.

Mustang_horn button2_sm.jpg
Mustang_horn button1_sm.jpg

FWIW, the horn button active area is just the black plastic section of the button assembly, not the whole cap itself.

Any thoughts?
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