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Aftermarket Stereo Hookup Question ?

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To hook up my aftermarket stereo, I need to connect, (1) constant power, and ( 2) switched power. The car is a 65 FB. Where can I tap into the main harness to get these wires.
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For constant power ( I presume this is for memory) hook up to the cigar lighter. For switched power use the same hook up the old radio is using.
The switched power can be found at the ignition switch or you can tap off the wires for the radio at the fuse box. The hot wire, I run a small gauge wire from the battery terminal with a low amp fuse (just because I'm not real big on cuttung into 30+ year ol wring harnesses.
Another real convenient place for switched power is the post on the back of the ignition switch. If you use it, though, the device being attached should have it's own fuse (most radios do) as it is not "fused" naturally from the fuse box.
The back of the ignition switch and cigarette lighter ae the easiest because are easy access.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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