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Geeze this stinks.
Today I get a call from work(I work nights)
They've rented the warehouse where my pony is being
kept.So I have to get her.Half of the interior is pulled part.
So i hurry down there throw all the stuff in the trunk
& put the rear in half way.
then I'm driving home & the Pony runs out of gas
thought it had more gas than it showed,well at least I know it's acurate.Get it going thanks to some nice guys who I borrow a Gas can from one,than the other
gives me a ride across the street to the filling station.
Finally get the Pony home than I have to grab a
new car cover as the weather here in S. Fla is
terrible(major rain)
Ah well at least I got to drive my Pony.It's been about 3 months or so.

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I agree the weather here in Central Florida has been rain non stop as well. The rain is killing my work on the car even though its in the shop to damp to put primer on anything. But like you said you got to drive yours I have a long way to go to get mine on the road.

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I know what you mean about the rain in Fl. But hey, it's better than brush fires! At least in FL it doesn't rain for months straight like it does out here in WA. I can't wait to get a new assignment out here!! (In the USAF)
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