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Ahhh! found a project! what to do!?!?

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I found a 69 mach 1 project for 2k. Looks like it needs everything, but it has a nice 351c and a rear fold down and stuff. Is it worth it? i think it is.

Oh yah, i have a 67 coupe in the same shape.. and no money... funny how it works like that.
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if rust hasn't ate the car up too badly..... i'd say it's worth it....
True if the rust has not destroyed it and you have the storage go for it. As for the money I think most of us understand that problem as well. I am slowly restoring a 70 sports roof myself. Good luck
Rust Free - it might be, did you say how much it would cost?
But you could also focus on getting the 67 done then move onto another project when it's completed.
The way prices have been lately on fastbacks, that sounds great if it's not too eaten up and has most of its parts.
You need it like a hole in the head.
I've sworn to SWMBO that I will collect no more Mustangs unless it's a 69 fastback. My luck I would finally find a good deal like that at the same time I have 0$ and no place to put it anyway. Like now. I need one like a hole in head too.
Just shake it off and get back to work on the coupe. Think about the great things you could do to it with $2000.
$2000, damndamndamn. I wish you would quit finding good deals on the opposite end of the country. I gotta find something cool to bug you with.
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