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Ain't it Pretty

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There's something about a freshly built 289 engine..! We pulled this last December from a 66 convertible, one of the cleanest, rust free convertibles I have ever seen. It is all stock except for intake, carb and fan. Will be going back in tomorrow morning.
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I know you all are dying to see that "pretty" 289 back home, so here it is....and we didn't scratch any paint on it or the body..!
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It looks fantastic. Can't wait to get mine back in...question...the lifting plate you used that is bolted to be honest I am leary of using it...has anyone ever had one strip the threads out of the intake????
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I used one of those to lift the 289 out of the car with no problems. I bought a load leveler to put the 408 back in.

We used it several times. We just make sure to use studs that bottom out in the hole.
I've pulled 3 engines with this. I found it on sale on-line for $135. I hate buying a tool that I will use once in a while but this one was well worth it.

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