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A lot of people have had good luck with a partial upgrade. This is the way I'm going with my 67. Everything will be factory except the compressor and mount, the condensor, and whatever lines I might have to adapt.
The old style compressors generally do not handle R134 very well. They work, but just don't cool well. I highly recommend a Sanden compressor. Classic air can sell you one along with an adapter to mount it in place of the original compressor. A lot of the replacement condensers have a larger capacity now. Kind of like replacing a 2 row radiator with a 4 row, it cools a LOT better. Make sure you get one of these instead of a plain old repro. To the untrained eye they are identical to NOS. The upgraded condensor will bolt in exactly as the original did, so you can use the factory style drier, lines, and hardware.
The only part that will indicate you have upgraded AC is the compressor. It should cool as well as any "add-on" kit you can buy AND you'll be able to use the AC to defog your windshield. Unlike an add-on.
This is assuming you will be going through all the related components to make sure everything is in condition. Of course one way to do this would be to spring for a complete in-dash kit form Classic Air. My pockets aren't that deep.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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