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Hello from San Diego,
Where thin metal parts DO NOT RUST!! I have a lot of air cleaner assemblies here that I no longer need. 289, 302, 351 W & C, 390, 200 and 170 6 cyl. (they are different!) Some emission versions for the 1966 289, and I think one for a 200 6cyl. Have some performance engine air cleaners as well... However, here are some of what I know I do not have: B-302 shaker, 351-W shaker, 1969 390 shaker, Boss or CJ non shaker, '68 390, '71 429CJ, Boss 429 units.

Most of these are regular air cleaners, but in excellent original condition! $90.00 ea. plus shipping. Want more info or pictures?? Contact me directly at [email protected] Com
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