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Evening all,
Can anyone help with some historical info here:
On the underside of the bonnet on my 66 is a sticker giving instructions on tuning the "Pure Power Electro-Nox" NoX control system. The dates 1966 -70 can be seen in a half tone under the text. A search on the web for this system and on it's manufacturer Air Quality Products Inc came back with the meeting minutes of the State of California Air Reources Board from 1975 approving this product for use in reduction nitrogen emissions. The minutes go further to describe this device as follows:
"The Pure Power-Electro-NOx device is a VSAD-type device with an
air bleed. An electronic engine speed sensor and a solenoid
valve provide NOx control at speeds less than 57 mph by
preventing the distributor vacuum advance mechanism from
responding to carburetor vacuum and allowing bleed air to enter
the engine. The applicants data, confirmed by ARB laboratory
tests, show the device meets the accreditation procedures; the
staff recommends accreditation."
While it seems clear this device has long been removed I'm still curious. Can anyone eloborate on the circumstances under which this device would have been installed? Were such devices compulsory in the 70's? And finally could this explain why a Carter AFB 9627 now sits where the original Autolite 4100 once resided?

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I'm not a CA. resident and can't give you exact info on it, but I can shed some light on the subject. First, your carb is an aftermarket unit, not factory or related to the pollution device. California due to some of it geological make up with a mountain ridge on the east side of the state, traps air and makes it difficult for clean air, this has been a problem since before cars were around.

CA. was the first state in the union to adopt pollution devices. Some time in the mid sixties, the state was requiring people to retrofit their cars with controls in an attempt to reduce exhaust emissions. The device you have, I believe, is to reduce hydrocarbons via leaner air/fuel mixture and retarted timing. When hydrocarbons combine with oxides of nitrogen in the presence of sun light, creates "smog".

From what I understand, these devices weren't very effective and cause many problems and later were removed. My car also came from CA, and has a sticker for the "STP Air computer", which it no longer has. I too would like to know more about it.

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The NOX device was a polution control device required to be installed on cars built during the years you stated. It was an electronic type "box" that delayed the vacumme advance of the distributor, installed by just about anyone. They were only required for a few years, then the legislation was repealed. The sticker you describe, came in the box with the unit.

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