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I posted a couple weeks ago about the shoddy alignment I got done on my car, and I haven't taken it to get realigned because I wanted to do a few things to it, namely adjustable strut rods, before I took it back in. They set the caster at .19 passenger side and .36 driver side. So obviously I'd like to get more positive caster.

I got some adjustable strut rods from rosehill performance, and went to install them today, but I have run into a problem. I made a measurement from the LCA to the frame so I could install the new strut rods in approximately the same position as the old factory ones. The problem is, the new strut rods are adjusted as short as they can go, and they are still to long according to the initial measurement I took.

So, I don't see how the alignment shop will be able to adjust the strut rod any shorter to pull the LCA forward, thus giving me some positive caster. In fact, right now, it will have some negative caster since the LCA isn't pulled as far forward as it was before.

Now, when I looked at the LCA to begin with, it looks like it is pulled too far forward already, which makes me worry about binding up the LCA. Do they still use shims to adjust caster on the 69's, or was it all supposed to be done via adjustment of the strut rods? I'm just wondering if someone was too lazy to put shims being the UCA, and instead decided to just try to get all of the caster adjustment out of the strut rod adjustment, and maybe that's why my new adjustable rods are already adjusted as short as they can go, but they're still not short enough. Any ideas?

Edit: So I talked to Glen at rosehill, who was very nice and helpful by the way, and it sounds like my car has probably been hit in the front end at some point, and they just did a piss poor job putting it back together. The strut rod supports have been re-welded to the core support, probably the worst welding job you have ever seen, and they just didn't get it all lined back up right. So, it looks like I'll end up having to get some new rods that are a little bit shorter. Oh the joys of working on a 42 year old car! :)
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