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Well it's been a while since I've posted. Mostly since I was mourning the sale of my 68 GT 350. I've since got over sellers remorse and purchased a 66 GT convertible. Pretty nice car but needs the typical PO things undone or straightened out.
Drove it to work today and it decided to pull a new trick on me. Started fine and drove all the way out of my sub to the main road. Took off from the stop and got to 3rd gear and the car quit. Shoved in the clutch and turned the key, nothing. Coasted to the side of the road and it started right up. Weird I thought. But on the expressway it cut out a couple of times, only for a few seconds than came back on. It's like the key is turned off for a few seconds and then turned back on. The strange thing is my radio, an older Custom Auto unit, goes out and loses it's presets and clock when the car cuts out. On the way home, it did it again but I realized that it happened when I put on my turn signal to change lanes. Problem solved, right? No because it won't do it at lower speeds. A buddy thinks it could be the ignition switch. That I might be overtaxing it and it's heating up and cutting off the juice. Any ideas out there from the experts.


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