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All Ford Swap Meet

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I was wondering if anyone has gone to the all Ford swap meet in Columbus Ohio on March 31-April 1 before? How big is it? Are there any Mustang vendors who attend? I would hate to drive a while, to be disappointed in the turnout...

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I've never been myself but I don't think you'll be disapointed in the turnout from what I hear. Just don't pay some guy there and expect him to mail you the part later. BTW, who did that here? Did it ever work out?

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Never been there either. Is there a website that gives more info on the meet?
I go every year. It's huge. Usually many mustang vendors including CJ's, Branda, Northcoast Mustang, and last year Total Control Products was there with their '65 race car. You WILL NOT be disappointed, but go on Saturday for the best selections.

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I spent 2 days last fall there but kept getting complaints from some of the vendors because all my drooling was rusting their parts. It was a trip I will be repeating this spring, especially as I only live 2 hours away.
Soo many parts...soo little time.
When I went there I didn't have enough time to see everything. You should be able to find any part you need there, just be prepared to pay for it. All the sellers know what they are selling and its value.

I drove from Northern IL and decided it was worth the drive. Also made a nice side-stop in Dayton at the Air Force museum.
It is a good show to go to. But, I agree, don't pay for anything and expect it to be shipped later. I was one on the two that was 'abused' by a vendor form KY selling rear end center sections. I finally did get my money back, but it wasn't until November. I cannot remember the other guy that was in the same situation that I was, but thanks to him for the guidance and the phone number of the County DA in KY that got the money back to me.

I'm going again this year (Driving from St. Louis to get there) and looking for another rear end center section, and will only take from on-hand stock!

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This is the link I found int MM...

I will make sure I do the cash and carry. Thanks all.

I've been going to Mustang swaps for 20 years and 2000 was my first year from In. It was well worth the drive. I only spent 1 day there and saw more than I could have imagined this close to home. Enjoy!!
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