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This is the first offering of the new MustangSteve GT2008 Disc Brake conversion. Most of you are familiar with my COBRA disc conversions. With the price increases of Cobra calipers, something had to give, so I came up with this new setup. I believe it functions BETTER than the Cobra brakes, due to Ford's improved caliper design on the 2005-2008 Mustang GT brakes.
Kit consists of a pair of new car take-off 2008 Mustang GT 12.5" disc brakes plus the brackets to install them on your Mustang drum brake spindles and hubs. You do not even have to remove the spindles for installation. Does not change track width. Like with all big brakes, you must run 17" wheels. (Some 16" wheels fit)
You get:
12.5" rotors
GT calipers with pads
Steel brackets to attach them to your spindles
All the required special bolts
Instructions (these mount similar to the Cobra brakes on my web site)
TOTAL PRICE $ 499.00 !!!! plus actual shipping
[email protected] for more info.
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