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All of the humor is not just on e-bay

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I got this from the local paper
MUSTANG 1976 KING COBRA Boss 302 Cobra motor, 350HP, number matched car, exc. original condition, 80K orig mi, $6,995. 352-683-2210
St. Petersburg Times Subclassification: Antiques, Classics, Parts 3/4/2001
Factory 350 HP in 1976 ?! That is impressive.

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And the sad thing is most people would believe the hp.
Example: I was at my shop one day. My son & his friends were outside the shop. I had the hood up on my 66 & one guy was looking at the engine. He asked my how much horsepower it had. I told him over 400 & he didn't bat an eye, totally believed me.

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That was for the 'stang and the Chevy next to it, right???


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Reminds me of the time a coworker was over to see Delilah. The engine had gone through some dressup and was sporting new COBRA valve covers on the 289 HiPo. His comment was OHHHH, you didnt say it was a Cobra engine....I just had to laugh!!

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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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