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All right!!!! I'm a tire-Kicker!!!!

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I am no longer a newbie or a stranger, I have achived the status of "TIRE-KICKER" woohoo!!!

73 351C C6 3.25 T-lock
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So, how many posts does it take to get "promoted" on this forum? I started with a wopping eight from previous classified stuff. Does this mean we'll have a bunch of nonsense posts just to move out of newbie status? Not that I care because all of it is usually entertaining or informative.

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68 AMF Mustang pedal car
87 LX 5.0 vert
99 Chevy Tahoe
Wow, Now I am not a stranger anymore. I want to be a tire kicker!!!

John L. Anschutz
Allen, TX
68 Diamond Blue Coupe - 302
68 Acapulco Blue Coupe - I6 - 200
I would like to get past this newbie thing... It would be nice to know what names go with what number of posts.

I only had 185 posts on the old forum, but ;that took me a year!!!

66 coupe 302 2v c4 -daily driver
94 GT vert -SWMBO's
93 Aerostar - hauling stuff
Oh well... I had a couple of hundred as well
you'd be there in no time /forums/images/icons/smile.gif

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