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Alternator Problems II - HELPPPP!!

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Ok apparently the rewiring of the alternator was not successful. Coasted into the driveway tonight on the last amp in the battery. Pulled out the manual and boy something is a miss! My harness only has three wires. The old alternator had one of the small fittings on the lower left connection. I did as the counter guy suggested and moved it to the sta position. This is obviously wrong since it isn't charging at all. Question is what is the correct connections? Any suggestions prior to 7am pacific time would be helpful. I am really afraid that I will need to replace the regulator. I am sure it's not too expensive but I would prefer to get the wiring correct first. Either way I have to operational by 7:15 so I can head up to HAN. Yes the battery is charging tonight so at least I can get up to the Peppermill, I am not missing this cruize even if I have to ride in the backseat.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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