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Am I being taken by this guy??

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Hello All,
I'm having some rear-end work done on my 65 Fb. It was making a horrible grinding noise and it sounded like a bearing that was grinding. My mechanic replaced the outer wheel bearings and that didn't stop it so he tore down the whole differential and is telling me the pinion bearings went bad. BUT since he had it all apart he ordered a new bearing/seal kit and is going to replace it all. He's charging $500 ($250 parts, $250 labor) for the job.... does that sound right? It's about $400 more than I was hoping to spend, that's why i'm asking. FYI, I have had stuff done by this shop before and they did a great job.

-thanks for your time,

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Seems to me your mech should have been able to tell that in the first place. Wheel bearing condition can be validated very easy and it makes you wonder if Mr. Mech just changed both of them gambling they were the problem. Sounds like the 'black box' maintenance syndrom from my Air Force days i.e. change something and maybe we'll get lucky and fix this sucker.

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I Would say thats a little Much. I don't know about the 250 in parts, That sounds a little high. But another 250 in labor sounds like way too much, assumeing he gets approx. 50 an hour, I don't think this would take 5 hours to "rebuild". Just my 2 cents.....

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In my experience, rear end work tends to be somewhat expensive. I think that quote is a bit high, but sometimes, with a rear end, you should be willing to spend a bit more to get it done right the first time.

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5 hours of work isn't horrible. And as said rather pay extra and get it done once and for all. What procedures do you think rebuilding rear end takes? I paid US equivalent of $600 6 years ago when I had my gears changed. New bearings, crush bearing, preloads, whatever. I haven't had a differential problem since. I don't know if the parts prices are steep but would you rather pay $100 and have ********** instead Timken bearings. You may skimp on paint, interior, wings and dings, but so what, if they let you down, who cares, but when drivetrain lets you down, you're stranded.

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The price really doesn't sound that bad. It really isn't something you could do at home without the tools and expertise.


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I believe that he is replacing all bearings, seals and gaskets in the differential and axle. He is probably also flushing in out to get rid of metal particulates that ruined the bearings to begin with. I am also having him replace my rear wheel cylinders while he's got everything apart. I think that qualifies as a "rear-end rebuild"

thanks for your earlier post..

1965 Pre-GT Fastback, A-code, C4 trans.
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