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I bought a VintageAir A/C system for the '65 garage shelf awhile back. It looks like a straight forward install (haven't gotten beyond the stage of opening the box). Some detracting points I noticed is the massively heavy cast iron crank pulley. I don't think I want to slap that in front of my Aluminum March crank pulley. The compressor mount bracket blocks access to the distributor hold down bracket. The idler pulley is held in place by tightening the only bolt holding it on. The indash unit cools or heat the interior air only, no provisions for drawing in fresh air from the outside. You loose some glove box room.

I remember a discussion from the old Forum that the instructions for the '67 'Stangs left much to be desired.

I plan on modifying the kit a bit but can't do much about the loss of glove box space. *G*


Dean T

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