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Analogy of a Mustangs life, last of the 66's-long

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Finally got my parts car home and checked out the door tag info, car seems to have been a very late 66, vin # 6FO7C734688, with a scheduled production date of 03V (August 3, 1966), so it was very near the end of 1966 model year production. This may explain the 4 speed and disc brakes, with lack of any other options (also had remote mirror and day nite mirror), looks like Ford may have been using up non-carry over parts.( I previously owned a 66 Fastback, serial number in the 700,000 that had a 2 barrel and the 4 speed with disc brakes as well, If I remember right it was made in Late July of 66). I checked the last registration stickers on windshield, it was last state inspected in May of 1975, with registration expiring at end of 1976. So it looks like this car spent most of its life sitting and rotting. I picked it up from yard owner who had owned it since about 1983, but he didn't know much of cars previous history. Kind of a shame this car spent most of its 36 years as a neglected hulk but survived crushing etc., but rear quarter rot and rear frame rot after so long up here in the northeast I think have finally taken this car into its last days. Interesting the odemeter reads around 136,000 miles, could it have been 36,000? I know people didn't drive as many miles years ago as they commonly do today. I have managed to remove the toploader tranny, it came out relatively easily, considering the time this car has spent in the outdoors here in the northeast ( I guess they can't rust as fast thanks to our cold climate).I didn't break a bolt, drive shaft came out easily, and everthing pretty much looked original and untampered with (brake cables, exhaust were all still in place- it even still had good shifter bushings and springs in 4 speed handle).And best of all when I removed the top cover on transmission, everything looked clean and I didn't notice any chipped teeth in gears or synchros. But it would be hard to believe someone would have neglected a 36,000 mile car in such a way. Oh well, the adventure will continue the rest of the week as I dig in deeper, it has been a while since I have had the chance to disassemble a relatively untouched car, who knows I may even find the build sheet!.
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