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Yes! TFOB the Great will astound and amaze all of us with his magic!

He will make this Big Red Bee U Ti Full Convertable dissappear from site!!!!.

Right before our eyes! In a puff of smoke a 4500 pound automobile will vanish!

Silence Please....

Abra Cadabra
Big Hunka metal
How will he do it?
Press the right pedal!

Roar! Poof!!!! Giant cloud of smoke!

I assure you no mirrors were used.
And no Mustangs were harmed in this trick.

Kids Don't try this at home. Jill ! Do you hear me??!!

I know how he did this but I will never tell! ;D

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Thats a good one Gene!!!!!
Yes please don't tell my secret!!!!!
Oh ya By the way those are 235/60/15's on that Puppy!

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Those WERE 235/60/15s. I think they may be closer to 235/58/15's after the amount of rubber you left on the ground!

This was a good one! I think I'm in the cloud somewhere. Did you make me disappear too?

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I think that's me wandering aimlessly thru the smoke - the farthest
one on the left.

No wonder my clothes smelled like burnt rubber that night!

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