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Hi all! how are you doing?? Well..Crazy times the world is living... Not going to add more to the subject, I think we all have enough info already about this corona****, so.. I´m reporting the progress of my project.. As I wrote in the last message, i´ve been working on the car the last month/year. The bodywork is 90% done, being the only thing left to finish the driver side floor pan, gaps and odds and ends here and there, but we are starting the paintwork at the passenger side, that is the 100% finished side... I also build the engine test stand (I currently have a 302 from a 70 mustang of my friend in it) And I have purchased some of the missing parts I had missing...
By the other side, i´ve working on the engine, I have the short block 95% assembled, and starting to work on the heads..
At this part i´m a little stalled... I never build one one of this 302 rollers, and I have a couple of doubts, so if anyone is willing to assist me you are welcomed!! :):):) I have the workshop manual but for the old
First is, I have 3 types of valve guide seals, I will attach photos, If anyone can tell me the correct order? I asume one type is for intake and the other for exhaust? and the other black one? Goes on top of the others?
The other question is, there is any proccedure for the reassembly of the valve train? I mean, rockers/push rods/lifters/torques/etc? Maybe if one have this specific part of the workshop manual would be great! (for the ones that not read the full thread, the engine is a 5.0 GT40P).
Enough saying, I´m attaching a couple of pics of the car.. some from bodywork, some from the engine build.
Waiting for your replys!!! Thanks!!!
Greetings from Uruguay
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