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Another 69 mach1 fuel injection upgrade?

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Thank you all for the advice. I have TOO much info:) I really want to use a factory 351w set up out of a lightining or 93 truck with the GT-40 parts. I called Windsor-fox on the harness issue and using some of the stand alone systems(holley projection,DFI,Edelbrock,etc). They like using the factory systems for reliability, I tend to agree. One thing I don't want is a speed density system. I will be using a mechanical roller cam, C9 10.5 comp heads and a 392 stroker kit from CH. If I modify the spd/den ford system to a seq fire Mass air system will I have spent more money then a stand alone? I will be using all the late model EFI 351w brackets which will work well with my conversion A/C pump.
I know the P/S will be a challenge. So many questions. I did buy the for EFI book. It should be in next week. Any feed back would be great.