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65 Mustang Convertible
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Anyone know of a book or documentation about how to cut and weld on a mustang? I'm going to need to do some frame work as well as sheet metal, and am unsure how to tackle the replacement. What order should things been removed and replaced, and so on.

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I've never seen one specific to Stangs. "How to restore your
Mustang" covers the basics, don't remember author, but
dosen't get real in depth. There's a couple other ones on
general body work and welding you can find at book stores.

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I found an excellent book at a used book store. It's called Motor Auto Body Repair by Robert Scharff and James E. Duffy. The Mustang Restoration Handbook by Taylor/Wilson is also good. There are many books.
You can also direct specific questions to the forum and you'll get all kinds of help.


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